Welcome to Daily Bite Publications, Inc.! All our products are transparency based review materials. As a school teacher or administrator, the ongoing struggle you face is optimizing the productive time in the classroom and minimizing the time wasted on unproductive activities. Take the challenge and provide students with an efficient regimen for reviewing academic fundamentals as well as preparing for standardized testing.

Great Classroom ManagementDaily practice is becoming increasingly more important, but once again time works against you. Whether it's the time it takes to get students "jump-started", the time it takes to put review materials on the board, the time it takes to copy paper-based materials for student distribution, or the time it takes to organize comprehensive sessions from a variety of resources, critical time gets wasted. Our products get rid of this wasted time element and let you focus on more productive activities.

Deceptively Simple, Decidedly EffectiveDaily Bite products are time effective and easy to use. We know how busy you are every day and that is why our products will fit into your daily schedule. All you as the teacher have to do is turn on the overhead projector and let your kids begin. We invite you to take a moment and walk through our web site to get to know us better.